Jeep for Adventure


The thought of collecting coins, especially by the use of metal detecting in remote areas, brings the need for a vehicle to get you there.  Introducing my 2005 Jeep Liberty with a 3.7L V6 engine.  I will be working on this jeep to get it adventure ready.

With the price of wranglers through the roof, I find the Jeep Liberty a bargain, especially since I am only using it as a weekend warrior.  With four doors and a short wheel base, it is perfect for hauling cargo (and friends) through tight trails. However, the aftermarket selection for upgrades is very limited, so I have to be creative.

Here are some pictures with the additions of a roof basket, overhead lights, a shovel mounted to the roof rack, and finally, I added some taillight guards.  I will continue to provide updates as I add them and will provide some pictures of the adventures, and coins added to the collection!

Mexican Coins from 1970s and 1980s

Today I visited my local coin shop to look for some Mexican silver.  They were out of Mexican silver coins so I turned my attention to a tin filled with some Mexican clad coins from the 1970s and 1980s.  Although not silver and very low in value, they look great and I decided to purchase almost all of them.

I paid $5.00 for a bag of 24 coins.  They consisted of eight (8) Cuauhtemoc 50 Centavos, twelve (12) Morelos Un Peso, and four (4) Quetzalcoatl 5 pesos.  Although they are not silver, they are very beautiful coins and I have not seen them around as much as I used to, so I decided to buy them.  I am very happy with my purchase.  Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy.


Trip To Venice Beach

Please enjoy some pictures from a trip to Venice Beach.  The beach was beautiful and I loved the public art and the handmade crafts being sold by artists.  I noticed several people living in vans and RVs in parking lots and parked along the street, which might be a cost-effective way to live near the action without the burden of the high housing costs.  The weather was nice, people-watching was great, and the fish tacos were amazing! Definitely going back to enjoy the sights again in the future.



Dime Con Quién Andas y te Diré Quién Eres

Dime Con Quién Andas y te Diré Quién Eres, which in English means: tell me who you spend your time with and I will tell you who you are.  I first heard this as a teenager visiting Mexico and I believe that it this is true.  Futhermore, I also believe that not only who you spend your time with but HOW, also reveals who your are.

As mentioned in the About page, I am a Hispanic American that is interested in the creation of wealth, I have taken interest in the investment of silver and Mexican coins.  While collecting these coins, I have also discovered the history and the STORY, not just of Mexicans, but of all Latinos in their homelands and their eventual pursuit of the American Dream.  I ask that you join me as I journey through the creation of wealth, discovery of history, and the “Latin flavor” found in multi-cultural lifestyles throughout the world.

In summary, I may be defined by the the content of this blog of how I spend my time but also look forward to becoming part of those that visit this site.